Ornamentum Engine Furniture

Where precision engine components are reborn into high quality engine furniture designs

Set your imagination free

Welcome to Ornamentum Designs, where inspirational ideas bring bespoke designs to life.

All based on precisely engineered components, often from a racing pedigree, to achieve bespoke hand finished furniture from engine parts.
The ultimate in up-cycled engine furniture .

We develop special commissions based on any engine parts.

If you are looking for a highly original design from a desired engine
of your choice please enquire here.

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engine furniture table

Creative items with huge style

We proudly introduce our contemporary collection of singular designs.

Custom creations based on distinctive upcycled engine parts.

Whilst maintaining the meticulous attention to detail we constantly develop and create new ingenious designs within this collection, including highly desirable one-off gifts.

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camshaft lamps engine furniture

Design is the engine of creativity

All design and production based in the UK.

Exquisite quality and superior standards throughout all the meticulously hand finished creations.

Experience the creativity of your imagination.

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piston table engine furniture